monitor M7

MONITOR M7 touchscreen

7″ touchscreen IP monitor, Black Edition, iPlus & iPlusBUS

  • Door Video terminal with 7″ touchscreen with AES256 encrypted commands
  • Black Edition
  • Full duplex audio, streaming video
  • Flat design user interface
  • Wall model, mounting on single U.. installation box
  • Floor bell, connection parallel signal
  • Image memory, video memory,  messenger service, inter-traffic intercom.
  • Pre-programmed PoE
  • Dimensions: 221 x 135 x 15 mm (b x h x d)
  • Cabling: CAT5e (or a higher category UTP) in star of in bus topology

MONITOR M 7” hands free colour monitor

    • Serverless system: don’t requires a computer connected on the network.
    • Supports Class A, Class B and Class C Ethernet networks.
    • Easily upgradeable firmware, being possible to add new or under request features over already installed systems.
    • Intuitive graphic user interface.
    • On screen labelling, showing information of the calling panel or apartment.
    • Real time video streaming.
    • Full duplex audio communication with echo cancelling processor.
    • Privacy on audio, video and door open progresses.
    • Call volume regulation.
    • Do not disturb function and microphone mute with light indication.
    • Video spy and auto switch-on functions of all panels being able to call the monitor. Up to 8 monitors can be simultaneously tracking the same panel.
    • Picture memory of missed calls, with time and date stamp. Missed intercom calls are also stored.
    • Programmable input for door bell apartment push button or alarm connection that sends a panic message to the concierge units.
    • Connection to unlimited concierge units with panic call facility.
    • Different call reception tones depending where the call is coming from.
    • Voltage output for connection of a call repeater.
    • Intercommunication between all / selected apartment units on the system.
    • Messenger service with three priority levels. Any existing computer on the network, or remotely through VPN connection, can send text messages to all / selected monitors.
    • Is it possible to connect units in daisy chain configuration by using T-SWITCH.
    • Apartment units are to be connected to a PoE switch output or to a PoE injector. Maximum consumption is 6W. The maximum number of units inside the same apartment is eight.